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東方輝針城〜堀川雷鼓〜 / もりのほん"Double Dealing Character ~Horikawa Raiko~"

Flicker Gif Tutorial


Flicker gif effect requested by ofstucky

I am currently using Photoshop CS5, but this can be done on other versions of PS. I am not familiar with other programs so I don’t know how much this tutorial will help if you are using something different. 

So, first thing’s first. We make our gif. For this tutorial I will be working with this sexy thing right here:


I like it when gifs are crisp, so I do sharpen each individual frame, which can take a while if you have a lot of frames. Reason why I try not to exceed over 20 or 25 and avoid myself a headache. 

Now that we have our base, I do some coloring. you can download the psd I used here

And now we have coloring!


When you finished coloring your gif and fixing the brightness and contrast to your liking, create a new layer all the way at the top and fill with black. Then go to Filter > Texture > Texturizer and choose these settings:


Click ok, and then change the layer to lighten. Now go to Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast and change the settings to:

Brightness: -35    Contrast: 30


Now, the fun part. Save your gif so that we work just with the frames and we don’t get distracted by all the coloring layers. 

Decide where you want the glitch to happen. For this I’m going to I want it right when he opens his arms, so I’m using frames 5 and 6. Go to your layers, and duplicate layer 5, then double click on it to go to the blending options menu. 

Once you are there, unselect the Red in the channels option. It should look like this:


Select ok. Not move the layer either to the right or to the left to see the effect. Go to Layer > Merge down, and you end up with one single layer that looks like this:


Do the same with Layer 6, but this time move the duplicated layer in the opposite direction. 

I’m going to go ahead and do this again to frames 10, 11, 16 and 17. The final result is this:


Now, if you want just the flicker but not the blue and red coloring effect you skip the blending options for duplicated layer. Instead, you change that layer to lighten and move it to the either the right or the left. It gives this effect:


And then do the same with the frames you want to flicker, giving you this result:


Hope this makes sense because it’s my first tutorial ever. Please like if you are going to try it out <3

Anonymous asked: could you give some tips or a tutorial on how to start colouring gifs without psds?


Everyone does things differently but here are a few tips from me (Annabel):

  • Start with brightening the image using brighness or curves.
  • Use selective colour layers to enhance to enhance the main colours, (the ones that stand out most) before moving on to the rest. 
  • Colour fill layers set to multiply can help blend colours together
  • Once you discover black and white gradient maps set to soft light they’ll probably become your best friend.
  • Be careful when using vibrance and saturation.
  • Less is better than more, especially when it comes to gifs because there’s a size limit.

There are set no rules/instructions to colouring, just experiment and see what works best. Good luck! 


Anonymous asked: Could I request some manga PSD is there are any?


In terms of manga PSDs, the truth is that any pale anime psd will work because it depends very much on the colouring since a psd only enhances the original colours. 

If you want a few recommendations of existing PSDs then try 1 2 and 3.

Tip: since they’re designed for anime scenes you should try decreasing the opacity of the whole PSD folder to gain a less exaggerated effect.


Hey babe, we are back &lt;33333333333

thats demicoloring, here you find all things for photoshop, on this post you find a simple fonts for windows and/or mac, please
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